Saturday, December 28, 2013

Kitchen Garden

As a child, I vaguely remember questioning my mother if the vegetables she bought from the market could be grown in our own home. This curiosity has been buried deep inside me for all these years. Conveniently blame it on high priority tasks such as studying for a respectable degree, working for a reputable firm, settling down and so on.

Of late, the idea of vegetables grown at home has been nagging me quite a bit. It all started with a staff meeting in school. My colleague brought up the idea of composting kitchen waste. Ever since hearing her idea, I have been dying to try it at home. It took some time to help my family understand the need for reducing waste that leaves our house each morning. It took even more convincing to actually put a plan into place and follow through. Added to this, my sister has been constantly bringing up the topic of terrace gardening.

28th Dec, 2013. 
I feel happy to say that today we have moved a step closer to saving our planet. We have set up a pot for composting and the first batch of kitchen waste has gone into it and as I type I feel glad knowing that tiny little buggers are hard at work :) !!

We have planted fenugreek and cilantro seeds in tiny paper cups. Once they have sprouted, I plan to move them to earthen pots. Soaked bean and chickpea seeds sit over our chimney top. Once they germinate, they will go right into the pots. I am also trying to get tomato and chilli seeds to germinate.

I am aware it is a very modest beginning. Given that we all leave home for work or college and the fact that I am not sure of the time and effort that needs to be invested, I feel that a modest beginning will suffice for now. However, I am sure our kitchen garden will grow in variety and size. I eagerly wait for that day with fingers crossed!! :)

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