Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chance Penne

Few days back, while chatting with my best friend, she mentioned pasta and that is when I decided on a Saturday night soup-pasta dinner. Little did I imagine that Zeus would try to spoil it all. Little did he know that come rain, come shine, my hubby and I do grocery/vegetable shopping over the weekends [he he he he :D].

We went out to the local super market and got all that I'd need to make pasta. I was very pleased with myself, until I realized that the spark plug in the bike had soaked through and the bike wouldn't start. Such things do happen so I took a rickshaw home.

I finally put the penne to boil and started chopping veggies. But things were not meant to go smoothly. Yes, the power went out!grrrr. I wanted to chuck the saucepan. No,I wasn't going to give up on a pasta dinner. I was considering using torch light and candles to get through, when the lights came back on. I guess when you want something badly, things just fall into place. Well, atleast a stomach full of yummy home made pasta makes you think such stuff!

Home made Penne with White Sauce


  1. nice post.... i remember cooking cabbage ages back when the gas went the electric heater my MIL gave us when we had just moved in to finish it

  2. first time here through FB and enjoyed reading your blog Nandini !!
    sometimes when you want something badly , the problems don't deter you n in the last you succeed...i remember once i was making rasgullas n taking pictures of the steps to post on my blog....the power cut made me horrible but i could finish off successfully in the last...:)


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