Friday, November 13, 2009

Just the beginning

For quite sometime now, I have been thinking about setting up my blog - food blog if you can call it that. What with work, MBA exams and home-making, I haven't really gotten down to it. Finally, here I am, all set to blog away.
I have always taken good food for granted, having been blessed with a mom who can cook amazing stuff! Married life has taught me that even a simple meal takes a litre of effort, a pinch of interest and a dash of creativity. I will mainly use my blog to share recipes that I have tried & loved. I might also post stuff that I think are worth sharing.
I keep asking my mom or mom-in-law for recipes that just end up in a book on the kitchen shelf. This morning I vowed to spend my weekends making yummy stuff, recipes and photos of which will be posted here :)


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